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developing for handheld

Sent by Anton Outkine on 21 January 2005 13:01

good day

i'm asked to develop a mobile version of a big infosite which gets half a
million visitors a month
and while i've spent some time designing CSS-styled pages for mobile
devices, this is really big
so i've a few questions :)

first, any resources concerning developing XHTML/CSS for PDAs on the web?
yes i found some articles on A List Apart, and that's, roughly, all about

second, i'm really curious are there any sites out there listing various
mobile platforms, their XHTML/CSS support charts, screen resolutions etc.?
while i suppose that designing a page for mobile means 1 narrow column,
i'm really curious about "how narrow" (100 or 250 pixels? some stats?),
what input devices are out there (and what are common) etc etc.

third, any general suggestions maybe?

i'd be grateful for any suggestions and links

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