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RE: [css-d] More on ghost scrollbar problem

Sent by Tony Leach on 29 January 2002 09:09

Ok, ok, I was having a bad morning !  I'm not a quitter so I'm still at it !
I guess the CSS list is not the best place to knock CSS !

Thanks for all the suggestions & info.  Just to summarise (sorry to be
appear dense but I have been going round in circles the past 24 hours):

1. It appears to be very difficult (if not impossible) to get content to use
100% of the width in all browsers.  I have tried various width settings in
the BODY element and always get a small band down the right in IE.
2. The ghost scroll bar must be tolerated if you want the site to work in NS
and Mozilla.  What exactly is the cause?  I know the scroll bar wasn't there
early on, but I can't pinpoint what I added to the style sheet that caused

I'll always use CSS for controlling the appearance of the site, it's the use
of CSS instead of tables for positioning which is driving me nuts !


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