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RE: [css-d] More on ghost scrollbar problem

Sent by Merkey, Brett on 29 January 2002 08:08

|  StyleMaster will not allow overflow to be set for the BODY 
|  selector in the
|  style sheet, so I added the following in the page:
|  <body style="overflow:auto">
|  However, this appears to completely screw-up Mozilla and 
|  NS6.1 !  Nothing to
|  do with the scrollbar - half my DIV's just disappear.

Yes, I mentioned in my first post that Mozilla/Netscape 6 have
an unacceptably brittle response to the auto value of overflow,
both on BODY and HTML.

|  From this first attempt at a full CSS site, I must say that 
|  I think I'll go
|  back to tables.  CSS layout implementation is just too 
|  variable (almost
|  random at times) and I really can't see how all this saves 
|  any time unless
|  you are just going to churn out sites to a set formula.

Going to tables won't eliminate the ghost scrollbars, which
was the problem you wanted to solve.  If you still do not
want to inconvenience the .000003% of the normal Internet users
who use Mozilla/Netscape 6, you can tolerate the ghost bars for
the 90% who use IE -- or you can use IE-specific attributes on 
the BODY tag to kill them. I forget what these attributes are since
I have not used them since CSS but they used to work and Netscape 6
should ignore them.

As for saving time, CSS is superb but I never belabor the point.
The more people who use the old ways, the better I look to my bosses. 

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