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ADMIN: A Few Words of Explanation

Sent by Curtis Clark on 3 January 2005 00:12

on 2005-01-02 15:59 Lists wrote:
> I've never found this list 
> terribly accommodating to newbies who ask a simple question and get 
> barraged by the "Valid code Nazis".

I've found this list to be *incredibly* accommodating to newbies, much 
more so that a lot of other technical lists I'm on. There are some 
curmudgeons, sure (Hi, Felix! Hi, Jukka! both of whom are helpful as 
well as curmudgeonly), as there are on most lists, and some extremely 
helpful and giving people (too many to shout out).

If by "valid code Nazis", you mean people who tell you to validate your 
HTML, that's not an affectation. When applying CSS to invalid HTML, 
there *are* no simple questions: since there are no standards as to how 
browsers should render invalid markup, there's no easy predicting how it 
will turn out.

Perhaps the welcome message to new list members should include "always 
validate your HTML and CSS before asking a question."

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