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A way to code a hyperlink?

Sent by Theresa Mesa on 25 December 2004 01:01

I had to take an incomplete in my scripting, business
full-time, all that. I wouldn't know where to put this and what to do with

Please forgive me for being obtuse. I can only plead exhaustion and being
wasted from some Toradol (pain-killer for moderate to severe pain) and Xanax
(also used as a muscle relaxant) I took an hour ago for my neck (major neck
and back surgery is in the horizon).

Can you please spell this out for me? If you don't have the time or patience
to explain, I understand. I will check out the link you gave me. Thank you.

Theresa Mesa
Mesa Design House

On 12/24/04 4:36 PM, "Curtis Clark" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> No, the solution I gave solves that explicitly, because it uses
> navigation in an include. Let me break it down:
> <li><a 
> <!-- open the anchor tag -->
> <!--#if expr="${DOCUMENT_NAME} = /index.shtml/" -->
> <!-- if this is on "index.shtml",
> close the anchor without a link -->
> <!--#else -->
> <!-- if it is anywhere else, write the link -->
>   href="/~webteam/index.shtml">
> <!--#endif -->
> <!-- close the conditional -->
> WebTeam</a></li>
> <!-- finish the construct -->
> This is in operation at, using
> as the include,
> and although there is an unfixed glitch with Firefox properly applying
> a:hover (I should have written a:link:hover), it otherwise works as
> specified. (Thanks to rudy for pointing this technique out to me, btw.)

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