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A way to code a hyperlink?

Sent by Curtis Clark on 25 December 2004 00:12

on 2004-12-24 16:02 Theresa Mesa wrote:
> In other words, take the navigation out of its include, then futz with it on
> each page. Which sucks if I need to add a link later. So much for the beauty
> of CSS and includes. Sigh...

No, the solution I gave solves that explicitly, because it uses 
navigation in an include. Let me break it down:

	<!-- open the anchor tag -->
<!--#if expr="${DOCUMENT_NAME} = /index.shtml/" -->
	<!-- if this is on "index.shtml",
	close the anchor without a link -->

<!--#else -->
	<!-- if it is anywhere else, write the link -->
<!--#endif -->
	<!-- close the conditional -->
	<!-- finish the construct -->

This is in operation at, using as the include, 
and although there is an unfixed glitch with Firefox properly applying 
a:hover (I should have written a:link:hover), it otherwise works as 
specified. (Thanks to rudy for pointing this technique out to me, btw.)

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