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Re: [css-d] corners

Sent by Big John on 16 April 2002 02:02

--- Caio Chassot [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> For those like me, who've been experiencing a lot of trouble
> implementing
> corners with positioning, i set up a test without using
> positioning:

I've been in private communication with Caio this
last weekend on this new toy, and my (rather frenzied)
testing reveals these things in IE6/Op6/Moz/Win98:

The dreaded IE 1px rounding error appears to have been
slain! (I'm stunned; it seemed totally intractable!)

It is possible to put even floated <div>s (left or right)
inside the 'cornered' box along with text, but needs a 
<div style="clear:both"></div> just before the end of 
#stuff, regardless of the text length (!) or bad things

Care must be taken when placing block level elements
inside the 'cornered' box, due to several IE bugs.
(Just trying to wrap the main text with a <p> instead 
of a <div> can mess with IE)

Padding in some places can cause trouble. Pretty typical.

Results: box corners can now (it seems) be covered
reliably with <img>s cross-browser, and that box 
can then actually be used for some real content.

I am having to restrain myself, 'cause anything could
go wrong, but what I want to do is shout out,
"Way to go, Caio!"  :-D  (whoo-hoo!)
Big 'fanboy' John

Big John== <>
Floating in my element.

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