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Re: [css-d] Content Management and CSS?

Sent by Peter Bowyer on 29 January 2002 06:06

At 09:05 PM 1/28/02 -0500, Lisa C. Boyd wrote:
>I recently installed PHPWebSite from Appalachian State. <snip> It does 
>look like it would be a pain to convert this thing to a tableless site.

This is why I'm writing my own using templates for 100% of the desing - 
everything can be changed without touching the PHP code :-)

>I also received a recommendation from another list for this Content 
>Mangement System:

This system is great so long as you have your own server as it needs adding 
to Apache and a custom PHP build.

>If this is getting too far off topic, could someone please email me 
>offlist with appropriate discussion lists?

I don't belive there is one :-(


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