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[css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by Scott Andrew LePera on 25 January 2002 02:02

Hello everyone. For my inaugural post on css-discuss, I'd like to ask for
advice on a full CSS site redesign.  Here's the URL:

compare it to the orginal, table-based layout:

I'm extremely happy with it so far.  I've cut down the page weight
considerably by ditching the tables and I've been really, really suprised at
how close it's gotten to the original design.  The process has really sold
me on CSS.  It looks exactly how I want it to in NS6/Mozilla and Opera (both
Win), and just a bit off alignment-wise in IE5 Win, due to the box model bug
(I admire but refuse to use the voice-family hack).

So here's the problem: those of you with Mac IE5 will notice that the weblog
paragraphs wrap at the left margin of the random grey text in the upper
right corner, instead of all the way over to the right margin of the page.
That grey text is inside a DIV with a float:right applied. It's almost as
the DIV is stretched downward, invisibly, blocking the text and forcing the

Things I've tried to remedy this, to no avail:

- Enforcing a hard pixel height and width.
- auto height and width
- clipping: both pixel values and auto.
- magic spells, cajoling, threatening

Is this a known bug in Mac IE? If not, anyone have other ideas on how to fix
it?  I've thought about dropping the random text altogether (it's just
decoration) but I've come so far, it seems a shame to drop it just because
MacIE might be broken.

I'd also appreciate feedback on how it renders in Mac Opera and Mozilla,

Thanks, and looking forward to participating on the list.


scott andrew lepera
web stuff:
music stuff:
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