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Re: [css-d] Netscape 4.73 and css form borders

Sent by Matthias Gutfeldt on 29 January 2002 04:04

--- Michael Efford [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I'm having problems figuring out why Netscape 4.73 completely
> stuffs up my layout when I add a border attribute to my 
> input, textarea, select selectors.

Technically, it most probably has to do with how CSS was implemented
in Netscape 4: <>. But that
doesn't help with the problem; as far as I have been able to find
out, you simply shouldn't apply borders to form elements for Netscape
4. Come to that, NN4 can't handle much styling of form elements
anyway, so it might be best to use one of the well-known "hacks"
<> to hide
all form styles from NN4. Otherwise you'll get all kinds of funny
results, like this one here:

> is this a bug particular to this version of netscape? if i get 4.79
> will it be fixed?

No, it's been like that in all NN4 versions I have ever used, and
it's  certainly not fixed in my version of NN4.79 on Windows 95 or
Windows NT. AFAIK these later updates only fixed security issues, not
the CSS or HTML capability of the browser.


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