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Odd issue with image 'hover' region

Sent by Angus McIntyre on 1 December 2004 20:08

At 20:41 -0600 29.11.2004, Holly Bergevin wrote:
>From: Angus McIntyre [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
>>  I have a thumbnail image ... In Opera, Gecko- (Firefox on Mac
>>  and Windows) and Webkit-based browsers (Safari, Omniweb 5), if you
>>  point to the upper-left of the image, the cursor doesn't change and
>>  clicking does nothing
>The photocaption div is covering your thumbnail image, and this is
>why most browsers are not giving you a clickable area until the
>image extends below that div.

Thank you. That was, of course, the problem.

It actually occurred because I'd changed the class of a <div> element 
in the HTML and forgotten to make sure that there was a corresponding 
entry in the stylesheet. By an odd quirk, this didn't actually change 
the visual appearance of the page at all, so I didn't notice that the 
<div> now wasn't getting styled.

Just one more pitfall for the unwary. If, some day, someone produces 
the Ultimate CSS Debugging Tool, they should remember to include a 
check to see that all classes referenced in the HTML have equivalent 
definitions in the CSS, and issue appropriate warnings if not.

Thank you to Holly and Steve Clay for responding so quickly and helpfully.

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