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RE: [css-d] Netscape 4.73 and css form borders

Sent by Peter-Paul Koch on 29 January 2002 03:03

>hmm, it's actually crashing my Netscape 4.04 (win2k), but i see what you 
>mean on Netscape 4.72 (don't have 4.73 at home).

Yep, too many border declarations can crash NN4.

>i've had success with something like this:
><input type=text style="
>	border-top:solid 1px red;
>	border-left:solid 1px red;
>	border-bottom:solid 1px red;
>	border-right:solid 1px red;	">
>in essence: call each side of the border individually. of course, you don't 
>get the style in netscape 4.*'s, but you do get it in other browsers and 
>it's safely (AFAIK) overlooked by NN4s.

What I always do is call the width, style and color separately:

border-width: 1px;
border-style: solid;
border-color: #cc0000;

This works fine in NN4, you get a correctly styled border.


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