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[css-d] multiple @imports

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 29 January 2002 02:02

I'm trying to split up my CSS file (previously LINK'ed) to multiple @imports

This is what I have

	<style type="text/css">
		@import url("/css/global.css") all;
		@import url("/css/display.css") screen, tv, projection;
		@import url("/css/screen.css") screen;
		@import url("/css/projection.css") projection;
		@import url("/css/print.css") print;
		@import url("/css/basic.css") tty, handheld;

This does not seem to display properly in Opera-6 and IE-6

Netscape6 seems to be OK with it.

Is there something wrong with the format of the above, or do browsers just
not support it yet?
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