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RE: [css-d] IE5-Mac Offset

Sent by michael on 25 January 2002 02:02

> Write an absolutelutely positioned Div. Position Left:120px, leave width
> height null. The styles can be either inline or an ID Selector in the
> Fill the div with lots of text. NN6x, Mozilla.9x, Opera 5, Opera 6, NN4x,
> and IE4x-6x (except IE5-Mac) render the div as expected. That is, the text
> breaks at the right window border and there is no hz scrollbar. IE5-Mac
> scrolls horizontally for what seems to be a value close or equal to, the
> left offset of the Div.

> Has anyone encountered this, and if so... is there a workaround?

Al, have you tried adding right:0; to the div to force it to break at the
window border?

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