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absolute positioning

Sent by Jack Pivac on 23 November 2004 02:02

Hi Leon,

Do you mean the following?

	ul.nav a	
		color: rgb(220,220,220);
		text-decoration: none;
		display: block;
		width: 8em;

Because that will work in FF but not IE.
if you mouse over to the right of 'staff' for example, it will not go 
red. if you move left over 'staff' then the whole 'button' will go red 
like it should.


LW Ellis wrote:
> Jack, You can set the width of the a with display set to block.
> Should give you what you are looking for.
> Leon
>> Oh i see what you mean about the hover, a, and IE.
>> Is there a way to make the whole 'button' clickable. ie getting the 
>> display: block; to work in IE?
>> Many Thanks
>> Jack


Jack Pivac
Delphinus Technology
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