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horizontal LI with graphical bullets - where I find solution?

Sent by Zoe M. Gillenwater on 22 November 2004 13:01

Krzysztof Kudłacik wrote:

>Please - give me any URL to solution how to construct horisontal list with
>graphic bullets instead default?
>I've   found   descriptions  concerning  vertical,  standard  lists  with
>grqaphical  bullets,  but  I  can't  find  similiar  solition with inline,
>horisontal list ... :-I

When you make something display: inline, it can no longer be display: 
list-item, so your bullets disappear. However, since you want graphical 
bullets, you can still simulate them using a background image that you 
place on the li. Then just pad the li on the left so the text doesn't 
overlap the background image bullet.

Alternately, you can float your list items instead of changing them to 
inline to make your list horizontal, and then you don't have the bullet 
disappearing problem to begin with.


Zoe M. Gillenwater
Design Specialist
Highway Safety Research Center

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