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absolute positioning

Sent by LW Ellis on 22 November 2004 10:10

Howdy Jack,

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
Is one for html, same page will give you one for xhtml if you prefer.
Put it at the top of your document.

As far as IE, that's why CSS is so much fun.
There might be some hacks out there, but I prefer to stay away from
them if at all possible.

You already absolutley posisitoned your other elements, put the main page 
in a div of it's own, set overflow to auto or scroll.
You will either have to float or absolutely postion the Main page div in 
Is one on how to emulate frames...which is kind of what your after.

There are literally bunches of websites out there that have tutorials and 
examples to work from.
Google your query generally gives you some great leads...
Sometimes its just coming up with the rigth question. :)

Keep in mind that what works in Win IE6 may not/probably not work in IE5 or 
Not to mention Mozilla, FF, NN, Safair, IE mac, Konquoer, etc.

The gang on this list has helped me imensely, just use patience and get your 
ducks in row!

Good Luck!

I'm unfamiliar with doc types...
I've found but I've no
idea what i'm supposed to be using.

The hover seems to work in everything BUT IE....
same for the display: block;

any way to get these working in IE

so no way for background and nav bars etc to stay fixed in IE?

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