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IE 6 and italics + line wrapping display troubles.

Sent by dave bellous on 19 November 2004 17:05

Wrapping italicized text is not properly calculated with IE 6.029?

I'm having trouble with Internet Explorer 6.

I've got a site that is displaying properly in:
PC: Mozilla, Firefox, IE 5.0, 5.5, Opera
MAC: IE 5, Moz, FireFox, Safari

Proper example

i'm having strange trouble with one browser: Internet Explorer 6.02900.2180
Running Service Pack 2.

My client is updating the site with Macromedia Contribute (using v3 now, was
using v2 with same trouble).  The  homepage has Italicized content on it.
The third sentence "the choir conveyed the sentiment of the ..." tends to
push the central content block <div id="content"> down on the page.  The
text is EM based, and the client has used  Contribute to put the following
code inline in the page to define the properties: 

..style15 { font-style: italic; font-size: 1em; font-family: "Times New
Roman", Times, serif; text-align:left; }

The text is italicized, Times New Roman and 1em tall.  The parent container
has CSS that sets the font size to 76%,  so 1em in this instance is picking
up the parent sizing, making it 0.76em.

At certain character lengths, such as the length of the third sentence in
the linked instance the whole content  block wraps below:

Internet Explorer seems to be failing to wrap the word "(Tenderness)" to the
next line.  This causes the whole div  to break below, mucking up the look.

I could tell my client to not use italic text, but they own the site and can
do whatever they want with it.  It's  not the tool - the same behaviour
occurs whether i use Dreamweaver (MX, MX 2004, Mac/PC versions), Contribute
(2, 3,  mac/pc versions), Homesite, Bbedit, etc.  So my best guess is that
the problem is Internet Explorer 6.  The problem  does not occur with any
other browser.  

Has anyone encountered this before?  got suggestions?


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