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New full-length cols method needs opinions and Mac testing

Sent by Kevin Barnard on 11 November 2004 13:01

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 11:48:48 -0000, Mark Challoner
> Nesting the layout:
> I'm not used to IE working perfectly; scary stuff. Since MacIE 5 doesnt work
> with v5 i cant imagine it'll work with this. I do need the other Mac
> browsers tested though.
> Cheers
> Mark

Mac IE 5 shows the blue boxes In Memory,  Heading (the last one), and
nested table as short.  It does extend down like it does in FireFox

Safari looks like FireFox with the exception of the go button.  It
puts this on the same line as the input box.  Glancing over it can you
put a bottom: 0px in the lastsub class or does that totally mess it
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