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New full-length cols method needs opinions and Mac testing

Sent by Mark Challoner on 9 November 2004 13:01

>Interesting. 32767px and lower work fine in Safari. 32768 and above flings
>it in to 'massive scrolling mode'.

>Lower pixel values don't fix Mac IE, however.


Nice. So i'll change that then. 32768 is 2^15 so could be something to do with safari counting
bytes/bits differently (pure conjecture)? Anyways I've changed that. Ive also added some some CSS to
the clear class out of consideration for IE (since it doesnt like heights less than 1em).

I'm also getting a weird bug in Win Op 7. On a page load the scrolling is fine but if you minimise
the page or the program, and come back to it the scroll bars allow you to scroll down further.
Reloading it sets it back to normal. Can someone confirm this isn't just me? I'm using Opera 7.54 on
Win 2000.

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