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forcing the height of a div

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 9 November 2004 04:04

Larry Rappaport wrote:
> For an example, see   That's a two column
> design with a header across the top and a footer across the bottom.  
> I would like the image in the left column to be anchored at the
> bottom.

You can position the image from within the footer. That way you don't 
have to worry about the height of those columns.

A negative margin-top slightly more than the height of the image, and a 
suitable margin-left, and the image will stay exactly where you want it.

I wouldn't use the image as a background-feature, but if that's your 
choice then you have to create a div with the same width and height as 
the image, and move that instead of the real image. The same 
positioning-method will do the job.

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