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[css-d] Netscape 4.73 and css form borders

Sent by Michael Efford on 29 January 2002 01:01

Hi all,

I'm having problems figuring out why Netscape 4.73 completely stuffs up my
layout when I add a border attribute to my input, textarea, select

this is the page in question...

and my css code for the form...

input, textarea, select {
 background-color : #CC9;
 font:10px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
 color: #FFF;
 border : 1px solid Gray;

if I take out the border command then it renders fine...but if i add it then
the whole form goes out of whack and up into the top corner of the page (its
inside a absolute positioned div.)

i noticed that if i change the border command to...

 border : 1 solid Gray;

then it renders properly, but fails the validator. and if i set it to...

 border : 0px solid Gray;

it also renders properly...but i have no border :(

is this a bug particular to this version of netscape? if i get 4.79 will it
be fixed?


: : m i c h a e l  e f f o r d
: : s o d a : :
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