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[css-d] God Damn Netcsape

Sent by MacEdition's CodeBitch on 25 January 2002 02:02

At 10:05 PM 01/24/2002, Ken Westin typed:
>I love CSS, but does anyone know a good resource for cross browser
>(Netscape 4.7 especially) CSS. I have read quite a bit at A List Apart,
>but is there some kind of matrix out there that can help out in
>determining what can be used and what can't.


Even if things don't work in Netscape 4, they often degrade gracefully. So
you can still use those properties provided you don't mind things looking a
bit different in NN4 versus browsers that support CSS better.  What you do
need to look out for are the arcane combinations of valid markup and CSS
that make certain versions of Netscape 4 crash. I've compiled a short list
at the following URL, but obviously these are things that can't be found
systematically, you have to just stumble on them.

Hope that helps.
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