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Vertical space - dangerous with CSS

Sent by Bob Easton on 30 October 2004 11:11

Keith Purtell wrote:

> Now that I'm revising my old frames based site to use CSS, I know enough to be dangerous. I
actually have several problems but I'll start with the most annoying. Each internal page has a
header, navigation on the left, and body content. The problem is my vertical spacing where the body
content begins. If I start with a headline there is slightly too much space from the header. If I
start with something else like a small table or another DIV, then there is not enough space.
Tinkering has not worked. Here are some links to compare, followed by the CSS for the content.
> ...

Every HTML element has top and bottom margin space associated with it. 
The space is usually proportional to the height of the element.  What 
you are seeing is that default margin space.  Many designers like to 
override the browser's default and assign their own margins.  An article 
was published recently suggesting a simple CSS declaration that resets 
all elements at once.  Then, you can start rebuilding with your own 

Bob Easton
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