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Re: [css-d] how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE ?

Sent by Simon Seeber on 29 January 2002 00:12

>that reference is striclty about web pages...

The scroll bar is a fundamental part of the system GUI. It has been 
there since the first Mac OS (maybe even earlier). Users know what 
scroll bars are and they know how to use them. If users aren't 
scrolling, then the content -- or what they see of it at first -- 
isn't compelling enough, or your design / layout somehow suggests 
that there isn't anything (or anything worth viewing) below.
In which case the problem isn't the users.

>actually, a number of studies (and my own user group testing)
>shows that people scan the first screen, and then jump all the way
>to the last screen (the bottom of the page) and scan again...
>stuff in the middle on pages more than two screens in length gets
>lost...  pages of more than one screen in length do have a
>noticeable drop-off in eyeballs for anything after the first screen...

This is basic speed reading, read the intro, read the outro, in doing 
so, you should get a good idea of the contents of the page. If it 
contains what you are looking for you'll read it, if it doesn't then 
there is no point reading it.
In which case you need to talk to your content developer, or make 
sure you have the right target audience.

The problem I have with usability experts is that they assume that 
the user is fundamentally stupid, and they won't learn. Which is a 
wrong assumption, and quite insulting.

What does this have to do with CSS? I don't know.
On the scroll bar issue though, at least IE puts in a scroll bar even 
if it isn't active. Opera (at least the Mac version) doesn't even 
give you that, so even though an item might be float:right there is 
still that 20px gap, which usually contains all your background 
colours and images as well, so it looks like something is wrong.
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