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Re: [css-d] Elementary problems...

Sent by Al Sparber on 29 January 2002 00:12


<this is not a smart_ss remark>... But just imagine they are not there. You
obviously are a good enough designer to draw people's eyes towards your
"content". And don't worry about having content below the fold. I'll scroll
a mile if the site and its info is compelling... except <genuflect> on
Neilsen's site, because it hurts my tired eyes far too much <smart_ss

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From: "John Woram" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 9:51 AM
Subject: RE: [css-d] Elementary problems...

> Rust Randall wrote: "To work around this problem, set the width of the
> BODY element to 100% also.
> What is this supposed to do?
> I've used overflow:hidden to suppress the IE vertical scroll bar when
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