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Re: [css-d] how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE ?

Sent by aardvark on 29 January 2002 00:12

> From: Simon Seeber [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> >Besides, Jacob Nielsen (genuflect) keeps reminding us how little
> >users scroll
> Really? Like how little they scroll in word, excel or outlook or any
> of those applications users seem to spend so much time using, at work
> and/or at home.

that reference is striclty about web pages...

> JN's gospel was out of date when he started preaching it.

actually, a number of studies (and my own user group testing) 
shows that people scan the first screen, and then jump all the way 
to the last screen (the bottom of the page) and scan again...

stuff in the middle on pages more than two screens in length gets 
lost...  pages of more than one screen in length do have a 
noticeable drop-off in eyeballs for anything after the first screen...

it's not JN, but it is tested...
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