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Easy Clearing

Sent by Big John on 19 October 2004 19:07

Mark Hadley

> I've been messing around with the "easy clearing" solution that's explained
> here:
> The above method describes a way to "enclose" floats using :after and no
> extra markup which is great, no more "clearing" elements hoorah!, but the
> downside is that it uses a DOM fix for IE on the mac which i didn't like the
> idea of having to include on every page... anyway, while messing around with
> this i stumbled on the fact that applying display: inline-block; width: 100%;
> to the "container" div seems to bring IE-mac in line with all other browsers.
> The display: inline-block; seems to be inconsistent results across other
> browsers so i gave it just to IE-mac.

Wow Mark, In one stroke you made the easyclearing method 
a whole lot better! :D Nice work. I guess I have to edit 
that page now...

Big John

Perennial student + Impractical joker + CSS junkie = Big John

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