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Re: [css-d] form style reference

Sent by Lachlan Cannon on 28 January 2002 23:11

> Take extra care with forms, there are quite a few
> compatibility
> issues; I mention a few on that page. Also, remember that
> Internet
> Explorer 6 still can't handle attribute selectors,

I always wondered why so many form elements are accessible
through the one tag. It just doesn't make sense at all,
especially since some other form elements aren't. It would
make a lot more sense, IMHO if we could say

button {

submit {


text {


etc... rather than

input[type=button], button {

input[type=submit] {

or having to use classes for the different types, which is
really the only doable solution at the moment if you want
to style your form elements. Hopefully XForms will resolve
this, and if so, hopefully they'll be released &
implemented properly soon.. because even if they are, it'll
be a while before we can use them on large public sites.


BTW Evolt has tips... is there a way on this list to atone
for slight offtopicness or rants or whatever, or do we just
have to try to be extra helpful afterwards? ;)

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