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Re: [css-d] CSS code displays on screen in Netscape 4.x

Sent by westciv on 28 January 2002 22:10


>My problem is that *some* Netscape 4.7 users will 
>see the CSS code visible on screen when they view a page in their 
>browser. If they re-load, the code goes away. At least some, maybe 
>all, users with the problem are on Macs on the internal campus 
>network, which is very fast. The problem does not seem to be related 
>to any particular XSL stylesheet, or CSS stylesheet for that matter. 
>And the problem never appears when I check the pages!

It is a distant memory, but there was a similar problem a long im ago, 
related to the mime type of the CSS file as served by the server. Check 
that the server is serving the style sheet as text/css. Anyone else 
remeber this?


John Allsopp

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