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[css-d] Content Management and CSS?

Sent by Lisa C. Boyd on 28 January 2002 21:09

I recently installed PHPWebSite from Appalachian State. I just started 
today messing around with the CSS sheet to see what I can customize. I'm 
just learning about CSS, but the style sheet that came with the main theme 
seems to have too much in it. I'll probably be posting something within the 
next week to get some feedback on what I do change and condense - just to 
make sure I'm not messing up anything :) It does look like it would be a 
pain to convert this thing to a tableless site.

I also received a recommendation from another list for this Content 
Mangement System:

Does anyone have any experience with this? Would this one be easier to 
customize with CSS?? Are there any systems out there that use CSS-P instead 
of tables?

If this is getting too far off topic, could someone please email me offlist 
with appropriate discussion lists?

Lisa Boyd
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