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How to vertically center img in div?

Sent by Steve Clay on 22 September 2004 00:12

Tuesday, September 21, 2004, 2:15:26 PM, Roger wrote:
RM> How can I vertically center an image in a div? I know I could hard code
RM> margin top and bottom values, but in my case I never know the exact size of
RM> the image, so I need to "automate" the centering, much like margin:auto
* fairly cross-browser
* container must have a fixed-height for IE5.5+/win

Basic construction:
<div id="centerIt"><img ... /></div>

..centerIt {
   border:1px solid;
   width:200px; height:200px;
..centerIt img {
* html .centerIt {
   font-size:178px; /* you must find IE's magic number for a given height */

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