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RE: [css-d] how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE ?

Sent by Jeremy Arnold on 28 January 2002 20:08

I have had this problem too.
Currently I have tried overfolw:auto; in body{}
I don't use it because I can find no work around..

I can;t help thinking there must be away around it...
Setting height and width only makes things worse in NN6. :-|

Note: if you use !doctype it will not work in IE6..

Does anyone know a CSS compliant way to remove dead scrollbars in IE ??

     Jeremy Arnold

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "John Woram" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 4:33 AM
> Subject: RE: [css-d] Elementary problems...
> > <snip> I'm looking for a way to
> > kill the ghost vertical scrollbar in IE 6 when it's not needed. The
> > overflow:auto does the job in IE, but then the scrollbar shows up in
> > Netscape 6.</snip>
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