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RE: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by John Bedard on 28 January 2002 19:07


Well, I guess for my personal site, I don't mind getting into the PHP. Like I said in another post,
it's been a good excuse to learn. But I'm not trying to sell it (or more specifically, not trying to
sell my services for implementing it) to any clients. At least not for quite a while. Sounds like
the .72 release might be pretty major. I guess we'll see.

But I will check out that ezSystems... er, system when I get some time. 



>>> "Bruce Nordstrand" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> 01/28/02 04:34PM >>>
Hi John

> Right now I just keep telling myself that the benefits of 
> PostNuke outweight the drawbacks of a table-based layout. 
> About all I plan to do in the near term is to make my jbcom 
> theme XHTML compliant.

The biggest problem with Postnuke is that alot of output is in the core
files meaning php coding is needed. My site is still running PN 0.64 because
of tne upgrade problems. Yes, there are "themes", more like "skins" really,
but this is fairly limited. They are heading down the road to a full
template system but I do not know when that will be. I am actually looking
at switching to ezPublish from ezSystems ( or - ezP has a FULL template system and is a little
more professional, although a little more difficult to set up. With
Postnuke, I personally think that it may come right around the .8, .9
release cycle.
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