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Re: [css-d] Validation problem

Sent by Donimo on 28 January 2002 18:06

> I ran into this problem before, and it's annoying.  There's nothing wrong
> with your code.  What's happened is, somehow an unsupported character has
> made it's way onto your page.  This character looks exactly like a space,
> you can't really tell it's there.  I got this error after cleaning up some
> code generated by word 2000.
> Here's what you need to do:  Go along the line referenced and delete then
> reenter each space on the line.  Otherwise if you have a good text editor,
> you can search for that character.
> Good luck.
> Andy

Thank you Andy and Andrew. ( The A's have it. ) 0xA0 is a non-breaking space
in Latin-1 and the validator chokes on it.

I had thought that this was the problem 10 days ago when this first started
to happen. I removed and replaced all the empty spaces, just like you
suggested--I just didn't get them all. There were about two DOZEN of them
throughout the page. (I think the text editor called TextEdit that I
occasionally have used outputs the little buggers.)

Anyway, Thanks very much!

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