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postnuke (was Re: [css-d] Suggestions sought...

Sent by John Bedard on 28 January 2002 18:06

Okay, I guess I'll jump in, though I'm not the official spokesperson for PostNuke. :)

PN is a modular content management system. I guess one of the benefits over it's sire, PHP-Nuke, is
its modularity. From what I understand, PHP-Nuke code and formatting was all lumped together in the
various files, especially when it comes to the content modules (news, web links, topics, FAQ, etc.).
The PN folks have split that up and separated out the theme elements such as content block
formatting and styles. They are still using tables for the main layout, and the main theme file
specifies table background and text colors as global variables in PHP. But the individual block,
header, footer and story layouts are handled in the theme itself. There are also external
stylesheets, one for nn4 and another for the rest. I'm hopeful that I can handle most of the
recoding in the theme, but there does seem to be some formatting still handled in the individual
content modules.

The reason I latched onto PN is that I am not a programmer so I can't feasibly "roll my own."
Everything is there, everything (that I've encountered) works. There is a large community of module,
theme and block developers. And it's been a great way to get exposed to and start learning PHP.
Mostly I was getting frustrated with the limitations (and occasional downtimes) of Blogger.

I've thought about trying out some of the other solutions like PHP-Nuke and phpWebsite, but I don't
have that much time on my hands. :)



>>> "abbey" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> 01/28/02 12:00PM >>>
At 01:01 PM 1/28/2002 -0500, John Bedard wrote:
>Right now I just keep telling myself that the benefits of PostNuke 
>outweight the drawbacks of a table-based layout. About all I plan to do in 
>the near term is to make my jbcom theme XHTML compliant.

I'm just curious about postnuke -- I've seen it mentioned on this list 
several times and I wonder why it's so well-favored over something like 

phpWebSite still uses tables, but at least it's more CSS-friendly.

just curious
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