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[css-d] Re: Expanding Divs - don't expand to floating elements?

Sent by Big John on 6 April 2002 23:11

--- "" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Now the floating element only extends the border of the enclosing
> div about 
> half the time (in IE6/Win) - if I press "refresh" it will unenclose
> it, 
> then again it'll work, etc.
> Also, for some reason the addition of the new div kills the
> left-hand 
> margin of the "foreground" div.

Hi Jough!
I'll bet it's because you lack a doctype at the 
top of the page. If you leave it off modern browsers 
figure it's an old pre-standards page, and so they
emulate the way browsers used to work. (quirks mode)

With a strict or transitional doctype the browsers 
kick into 'standards' mode. Other than doctype,
your page looks like it follows
the rules for strict mode. (kinda sure anyway)

Here's a link to the W3C doctypes:


Hope this helps. :]
Big John

Big John== <>
Floating in my element.

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