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RE: [css-d] Elementary problems...

Sent by John Woram on 28 January 2002 16:04

Keith Higgs wrote: "I hope you don't mind your scripts not working."

Well, for people who've disabled scripting, the browser-sniffer will
be the *least* of my problems<g>. There's a fair amount of
Javascripting on many of the pages, so if it's disabled the site is
going to be semi-useless anyway. But the site's topic (cartography)
isn't going to attract the masses, so for the few who want to visit,
and have scripting disabled, they'll have to move the URL into a
trusted zone. Luckily though, no one (yet) has complained about
features that don't work, so I guess my visitors aren't that
security-conscious, or don't know enough about Javascript to disable
it anyway.

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