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Re: [css-d] God Damn Netcsape

Sent by Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns on 25 January 2002 01:01

At 10:05 PM 01/24/2002, Ken Westin typed:
>I love CSS, but does anyone know a good resource for cross browser 
>(Netscape 4.7 especially) CSS. I have read quite a bit at A List Apart, 
>but is there some kind of matrix out there that can help out in 
>determining what can be used and what can't. Arrggghh! Why Netscape why 
>why why?

Hi, Ken,

There are several good charts. Here are couple that I think will be helpful 
for you:

Master Compatibility Grid, by Eric Meyer, at WebReview

CSS1 and CSS2 Browser Support, by Westciv

You'll find more charts and references at's CSS section, too:



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