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CSS decision

Sent by Officelink on 14 August 2004 07:07


I¹m just trying to decide whether to use CSS to layout a new website I¹m
about to start work on. I¹ve been reading one of Eric Meyer¹s books, Eric
Meyer on CSS but as I was going through it I¹ve been really put off by all
the workarounds that are necessary to get CSS to work on most browsers. I
was planning to use properties such as float and clear to position things
but not sure if this will work in browsers like NN4. It just seems like
there are so many bugs and I wondered if someone could give me some advice
as to whether it was worth going ahead with CSS. I also wondered if there
was some book I could buy which lists the parts of CSS that work in which
browsers and those that don¹t. I know I can access the CSS browser
compatibility charts on the web, but these don¹t go into any details as to
workarounds or anything like that. Basically if I¹d like my CSS layout to
work in as many browsers as possible, are the workarounds necessary worth
putting time and effort into, or is it better to stick with table layouts
for a few more years?

Just wanted to get some thoughts on the subject since all you seasoned CSS
users would probably have a better idea on the subject than an amateur like

Any help would be much appreciated.

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