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Re: [css-d] Validation problem

Sent by Andrew Clover on 28 January 2002 15:03

Donimo [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> "An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0xa0) was found in the element content
> of the document."

It's right. 0xA0 is a non-breaking space in Latin-1. Setting the charset
to Latin-1 solves the error in that it makes it just the same as having
written ' ', but it might be better just to get rid of the hard spaces.
Problem is, as they look exactly the same as normal spaces in Latin-1, it
can be tricky to spot them.

Try the space before the 'W' of "What's new?". And in the same place just
before "Update existing links" and "Recommend or...".

Andrew Clover
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