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Re: [css-d] vertical align and doctype

Sent by Matthias Gutfeldt on 28 January 2002 14:02

--- michael robertson [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to make this work in IE
> .mid {vertical-align:middle}
> <tr class="mid">
> Works fine until I add the doctype for transitional 4.01. What
> wrong?

If there was no Doctype before, and if you use a transitional Doctype
with an URL, then it must be a case of the Doctype Switch. See
Microsoft's explanation of that feature over at

If you give us more details (an URL says more than a thousand words!)
we might be able to suggest a solution. In the meantime, make sure to
study the spec of vertical alignment as it applies to table cells,
perhaps that's what is causing the problem (wich problem, by the
way?): <>.


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