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IE/Win ONLY - Strange Indenting on list items

Sent by Rick Cecil on 3 August 2004 13:01

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 21:11:31 -0400, Donovan Bond [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Bob,
> But why would the 3 pixel jog affect only the first and/or second items
> of a list and further, why only certain lists?

If your list is sitting next to a floated element--which it looks to
be--and only the first and second items are sitting next to that
floated element, then only the first and second list items will
experience the 3px jog. The other list items will jig back to their
correct position.

Make sense? If not, take a close look at Acting Lessons. Look at the
second and third lines in the paragraph beginning with "Our
classes..." The 3px jog is present here as well. Part of the paragraph
is sitting next to the floated navigation and the other part is not.

I believe every page on this site will experience the 3px jog because
of the way you have your navigation floated. Take a look at the site
Bob pointed you to for the fix. It was:

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