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RE: [css-d] tip on using mixed classes

Sent by Brian Costner on 2 April 2002 11:11

>     I don't know if IE6 fixed this or not, so I'd be interested to 
> hear.  You can try out 
> <> to see what 
> browsers do.  I'll put a reference screenshot in a bit, but in the 
> interim, please note: there should be NO red text on the page.  If 
> there is, the browser you're testing has bugs in its support.

In IE6/Win:

one two: bold italic (wrong)

one three: bold italic (wrong)

four one one: red bold italic w/border (wrong)

four: red w/border (wrong)

five-oh: #cce background (right)

8-6-7-5-3-0-9: underlined w/yellow background (wrong)

Was I too strict in my scoring? That's a lot wrong.
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