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[css-d] Re: CSS2 problems in IE6

Sent by Big John on 1 April 2002 21:09

--- Nik Makepeace [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> and it's all over the shop in IE6. I'm sure it was fine in IE5 and
> it looks 
> OK in Mozilla and Opera 6.

> CSS is at

Nik, the trouble is in the HTML. You have:

<div class="row bigtext">&nbsp;</div>
        <div class="Row bigtext">
          <span class="label">About</span> <span
          class="formelephant">I am almost dead now. I've seen 6am
          I what I get is more as camel to water than Bakker to

You need to remove the 'row' from that second <div>. 
The next section didn't show the bug because it's too 
short to overflow. Something in the div.row selector
is actually causing it.
Big John 

Big John==Http://
Floating in my element.

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