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[css-d] Newbie:All wrong in IE (5.5 & 6)

Sent by Marisa Shreve on 1 April 2002 20:08

I'm trying to teach myself CSS. I've eliminated tables and still have the layout I want, at least in
NN6.x and Opera 6. (I've given up on NN4.x. I'll do a redirect later.)

The positioning is all wrong in IE, both 5.5 & 6. Further, the center div jumps around on other
pages, but again, only in IE.  Also,  the left div is not supposed to scroll with the page but it
does in IE. You can see the page at

Since this is a personal page, I haven't been able to spend as much time on it as I'd like. I just
need to get the structure right so I  can add the content.

Can anyone help me? Any other suggestions welcome as well.


Download the free Opera browser at

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