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IE Positioning Won't Work

Sent by Criddymail on 5 July 2004 06:06


I have what I thought was a simple design layout. I have 1 container div that 
contains a 764 banner. Inside that div I have a content div which is 480px 
wide with a 22px right margin (works just as well if the margin is 0, however). 
I've floated a navigation bar to the right. It is 295px wide and it have a 
background image. Within this navbar I have another navbar, background:#369; 
where the text actually goes. It is also float right because I want it on the 
right hand side of the containing navbar block ... the one with the background 
image. I've also done this by using absolute positioning for the navbar but, and 
this is what's driving me crazy, neither design works in IE6! It works 
perfectly in Mozilla and Firefox. I know that the width of my containing content and 
nav divs exceed the width of the containing, banner div but I still can't 
figure out why I can overlap them in Mozilla and Firefox and not in IE.  Any help 
would be greatly appreciated. Here are the relevant links; the CSS is 

1) Float design:
2) Absolute positioned nav design:

Thanks so much.
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