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RE: [css-d] OT: List headers

Sent by RUST Randal on 28 January 2002 13:01

In defense of our ListMom, ALL W3C lists work exactly the same way this one

Follow the leader:)


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From: John Woram [EMAIL-REMOVED]]
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 1:34 PM
To: Ron Thigpen; css
Subject: RE: [css-d] OT: List headers

I'm missing something here: There's two buttons in Outlook 98, "Reply"
and "Reply All." If I hit the latter (as I did in this case), my
"To..." box shows two send addresses -- one to Ron Thigpen, and the
other to "css" [EMAIL-REMOVED]). Seems a bit redundant
though, since if I'm replying to a public message, there's not much
point in doing that AND sending a private e-mail to the person who
posted the original message. And I don't think it's a good idea to
reply ONLY to the person sending the message, unless that person
specifically requested that. Otherwise, it should go to the list so
that everyone can follow the thread.

On another list, the "Reply" and "Reply All" buttons both do the same
thing -- send a message to the list only. If I want to send a private
reply to the original sender, I need to make a note of the address and
enter it in the "To..." bar, then kill the group address. This seems a
tad easier, because the default is to send to the list only.


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