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[css-d] Spotty rendering in NN

Sent by Tim Peck on 28 January 2002 13:01

I have attempted to employ CSS to my weblog and have had some success in IE6
and Opera.  But there appears to be a problem in NN6.2.

In Navigator, the columnar layout renders in a spotty way and leaves gaps
(in the container block) unless the screen is scrolled down and then back.
This is my experience and this has been pointed out by some others as well.

If this has been seen before, perhaps someone will recongnize the problem
and can offer a fix.

I have picked over the markup and the CSS and I've performed tests to take
out elements hoping to locate the issue.  I just can't find it.

The layout is basically like this:

....wrapper (centered)
........header (centered)
........main (left) (right)

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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