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Getting the a:hover, etc to work in <SPAN>

Sent by Gary Every on 24 June 2004 19:07

Okay, please bear with me, I'm a newbie with CSS

I placed:
	link,visited { color : #000000;}
	hover { color : #EFEFEF;}
Inside my style, then

<tr><td><a href .. </a></td></tr>

But it made no difference. Am I looking at it the wrong way?

Gary Every
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From: Chris Heilmann [EMAIL-REMOVED]] 
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 12:02 PM
To: Gary Every
Subject: Re: [css-d] Getting the a:hover, etc to work in <SPAN>

Embedding styles again is not what CSS should be used for. Instead you
use contextual selectors.

For example you define all your settings for links

A {color:#ccc;}

and if you want to change it only for a section of the page, embed the
links in another element

DIV A {color:#999;}

That way all the links in the document will be light grey, but all links
_inside_ DIV tags will be a darker grey.

<p><a href ... /a></p>  Will be light grey
<div><a href ... /a></div> will be darker grey

You can even give the div a class or an ID, to distinguish them even
more within the DIVs.



Chris Heilmann
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